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WDSI’s agreement with DirecTV to rebroadcast the station’s signal has expired.  WDSI’s signal will not be available on DirecTV until a new agreement has been reached.  If you have any questions about this issue please contact DirecTV at 1-855-589-3473. 


New Age has recently successfully renegotiated agreements with the following cable and satellite providers in the market – AT&T, Bledsoe, Charter, DISH, EPB, ETC, Comcast, Dalton, Trenton, and Spring City.  Providing access to quality local programming, news, premier sporting events and prime programming is a top priority for WDSI and WFLI.  We value our viewers which is why we will continue to try and reach an agreement with Direct TV as we have with every other provider in our area.   


If you are a DirecTV customer, you can receive WDSI in the following ways –

  • Turn off your DirecTV receiver and tune your digital television to channel 61.1 for WDSI FOX61 and to 53.1 for the CW Chattanooga.
  • Install an antennae to receive the signals for WDSI FOX61TV and WFLI the CW Chattanooga over the air for free.  This website will help you decide which antenna you will need.  http://www.antennaweb.org/Address.aspx
  • If possible contact an alternate provider for service.
  • Contact WDSI directly to receive an over-the-air antenna free of charge (while supplies last). To inquire about this option please call the station Monday through Friday 8:30AM -  5PM EST.  If needed please leave a voicemail with your name and number so your call can be addressed. The phone number is (423) 265-0061.